This is so Hokkaido!

A sightseeing and dining trip through Tokachi to full of tantalizing treats and soothing scenery.

Hokkaido’s Tokachi area is full of spectacular scenery. Tokachi offers incredible views, with sprawling farms, concrete arch bridges, and stunning natural beauty, as well as exquisite delicacies nurtured by that same landscape. Come to Tokachi and wander through picture-book scenery, enjoying tantalizing treats and soothing scenery.

The true joy of travel: sights that you can’t see anywhere else!

The Tokachi area is filled with spectacular natural scenery that simply demands you take a picture to take home!
It’s a photographer’s dream! Wherever you point your camera you’re sure to find the perfect picture.
And of course, Tokachi’s nature gives more than just scenery! The rich land offers a bounty for the palate as well, from sweets to bread, wine to cheese.
Why not come to Tokachi and tantalize your palate while you take in the scenery?

■Sightseeing Spot #01:Taushubetsu River Bridge in Kamishihoro

Is this… A Roman ruin?! This sight, with an aged beauty reminiscent of ancient ruins, is a true must-see!

The now defunct National Railway Shihoro line crossed a number of beautiful arched bridges. Several of the railway bridges still remain, but the most famous one is this, the Taushubetsu River bridge.

The bridge itself is often hidden by the water when it rises, earning it the nickname the “Phantom Bridge.” This is the only arched bridge in Japan that is only visible in certain seasons!

The Taushubetsu River Bridge is completely visible from March through May, when the river is almost dry. From May, the snowmelt running into Lake Nukabira raises the water levels. Early in the morning, the water is calmer than during the day  and the arches are reflected into perfect circles on the still waters, giving it the local nickname the “Glasses Bridge.”

Then, from summer to fall the bridge sinks quietly into the lake, and in December it’s hidden under Lake Nukabira’s thick ice until January, when it reappears from beneath the broken ice. In winter, you can take a snowshoe trek across the frozen lake to see the shape of the bridge under the pure blue winter sky, embraced by the pure white snows of Hokkaido.

You simply must come and take a guided tour  to see this Roman ruin-like scene for yourself!

We absolutely recommend this sight, with the ancient feeling of the bridge embraced by mountains and forests.

Address: Nukabira Gensenkyo, Kamishihoro, Kato District
Getting There: 1 hour 30 minutes’ drive from Obihiro.
Viewing:Joining a guided tour by Higashi Taisetsu Nature Guide Center is the easiest way to see the bridge.  Booking required

 ■Scenery #02 Onneto in Ashoro

Enter an enchanting world where gentle autumn colors reflect off pristine blue waters.

Onneto is a small, secluded lake about 2.5km around, and is considered one of Hokkaido’s 3 Great Hidden Lakes.

It’s known to locals as the Lake of Five Colors because the waters take on a variety of colors depending on the season and time of day: clear blue, emerald green, dark blue, and more. Countless people have been enchanted by the beautiful colors of the lake waters, shifting with the season and time.

The refreshing green scenery of summer is popular, but autumn is when it’s truly beloved.

The refreshing green scenery of summer is popular, but autumn is when it’s truly beloved.

The lake’s color reflecting the red and yellow fall leaves of the surrounding trees creates a wonderful contrast.

The lakeside area is calm and peaceful, as well, allowing the unbroken reflection of the autumn colors.

Onneto is actually located near Lake Akan, about 1 hour and 50 minutes’ drive from Obihiro.

This means that on clear days, it’s also a perfect spot to get a view of both Mt. Meakan-dake and Mt. Akan Fuji at the same time.

 If you’d like an easy way to enjoy Onneto, we recommend you take a lakeside stroll. There is a walking path of about 4km around the lake, which takes about 1 hour to walk. The west side of Onneto has a log-deck lakeside observation platform where you can look out over the lake to see Mt. Meakan-dake and Mt. Akan Fuji all at one time.

Address: Inside Moashoro National Forest, Ashoro
Getting There: 1 hour 50 minutes’ drive from Obihiro.
For Inquiries: NPO Ashoro Tourist Association Tel: 0156-25-6131

■Scenery: #3 White Birch Avenue in Otofuke

A beautiful tree-lined road used in movies and TV series.

Tokachi Ranch is located in Otofuke, Hokkaido, and on its grounds you’ll find this road lined with exquisite old Japanese white birch trees, a sight that’s become the symbol of Tokachi. The area is often used as a filming location for movies and TV series, as well.

This tree-lined road, This 1km-long birch avenue has became about 1km long, has become a symbol for all of the wide island of Hokkaido.

Getting There: About 35 minutes’ drive from Obihiro.
For Inquiries: Tokachi Ranch Tel: 0155-44-2131

■Scenery #4 Kofuku Station in Obihiro

A station filled with old-fashioned charm and a reputation for bringing luck in romance!

This one is a little different from the three earlier natural sightseeing spots, but the Kofuku station, a remnant of the now-defunct National Railroad Hiroo Line, is really something worth seeing.

This station is found on the way into Obihiro city from Tokachi Obihiro Airport and, along with Aikoku Station on the same line, tickets from Aikoku to Kohuku were on sale for this stretch reading “Ai no Kuni kara Kofuku Yuki,” roughly translated as “Passage to Happiness from the Land of Love.” Collecting the tickets became a nationwide fad and even after the line was closed it’s still a popular sightseeing spot.

The station has been rebuilt as the Kofuku Fureai Plaza, and two cars from the decommissioned local line are set up here. One of the cars holds an exhibition room, and the other has been kept as it was when in service. The Showa-era train car is full of old-fashioned atmosphere, and the station is perfect for nostalgic picture taking. 

It’s also known for bringing visitors luck in love!

They say if you buy a ticket-style postcard from the Kofuku Station shop, write a wish on it, then stick it to the station wall, you’ll be blessed with the perfect partner. One wall is already totally covered in the pink tickets!

The pink wall covered in visitors’ hopes and dreams makes a wonderful photo spot.

Come make a wish at Kofuku Station!

Getting There: 10 minutes’ drive from Tokachi Obihiro Airport.
For Inquiries: Obihiro Convention and Tourism Bureau Tel: 0155-22-8600

■ No trip to Tokachi is complete without enjoying the delicious dining!

The rich land offers a bounty for the palate as well, from sweets to bread, wine to cheese.

If you’re visiting Tokachi, a treasure trove of food, you simply have to stop and try the blessing of this bountiful land !

After you’ve had your fill of sightseeing, don’t forget to fill your belly with some wonderful local flavor.

■Eating #1 Tokachi Toteppo Factory

 “Natural Cheesecake” made with 100% Hokkaido-made cheese is truly popular!

Tokachi Toteppo Factory is a cheesecake shops using natural cheese from Tokachi. There’s a cafe attached to the studio, as well. The most popular is the 3 Fromage (cream cheese, fresh cheese and mascarpone) or the Fromage Camembert, and all their sweets are made with produces nourished by Tokachi’s natural bounty.

All the cheese used in their “Natural Cheesecake” is 100% Hokkaido-made. In fact, all the milk, heavy cream, fermented butter, eggs, wheat, and sugar are also Hokkaido produced, showing just how dedicated this shop is to using select ingredients.

Not only is this shop perfect for a brief tea break, but they offer great souvenirs as well!

Address: West 6 South 17-3-1, Obihiro
Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00, No Fixed Closed Days
Getting There: About 10 minutes’ walk from JR Obihiro Station.
For Inquiries: Tokachi Toteppo Factory Tel: 0155-21-0101

■Eating #2 Kita no Yatai

 A feast of foods all made with Tokachi  ingredients!

 From potatoes to cheese, to delicious meat and seafood, and even wine: for one spot where you can enjoy the whole rainbow of flavor from Tokachi, the pantry of Japan, this is the place to go!

Kita no Yatai is located about five minutes’ walk from JR Obihiro Station, and is a gathering of food stalls offering meals made with seasonal ingredients selected from the farms of Tokachi. This “Yatai village” is the one that sparked the boom in similar villages all over Japan!

The path is lined with stalls in different styles: izakaya, bar, French, Italian and Korean stalls, as well as Kyoto-style home cooking. There are 20 unique yatai  packed in here and each one carefully selects local ingredients for a seasonal taste of Tokachi.

Address: West 1 Wouth 10-7, Obihiro
Getting There: About 5 minutes’ drive from JR Obihiro Station.
For Inquiries: Kitano Business Promotion Association Tel: 0155-23-8194

■Eating #3 CAFE NUPKA

A delicious craft beer spot attracting travelers.

HOTEL NUPKA opened in 2016 in a fully renovated historical building.

NUPKA, where people come from all over Japan and the world to enjoy traveling like a local, has a cafe on the first floor where travelers and locals alike sit and talk over drinks and enjoy locally sourced dining.

And they have their own original craft beer perfect for travelers: Tabi no Hajimari no Beer, or Tabi Beer, meaning “the beer for the beginning of a journey”.

 This craft beer was brewed especially for guests of HOTEL & CAFE NUPKA, and is a special Tokachi original brew made with barley malt harvested from one single field in Hokkaido.

Take a sip and enjoy the rich barley aroma as it rolls over your palate.he cafe is also open to non-guests, so when you get to Tokachi make sure you stop by on your first night to start your trip with Tabi Beer! What could be a better way to begin?

Address: Address: West 2 South 10-2-3, Obihiro
Opening Hours: 7:00-23:00 (Dinner menu available from 18:00) Every Day
Getting There: About 3 minutes’ walk from JR Obihiro Station.
For Inquiries: CAFE NUPKA Tel: 0155-20-2600